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Food in Slovenia

We know you have been wondering what on Earth makes Melania Trump so slim? Is it her diet? Is it about Slovenian food? Or is it eating habits she took from her country? Well, we have been wondering the same. We even tried to get her secret recipe how to keep such nice “bella figure” she has. However, it is true that Slovenians are having less problems with obesity than other nations in East Europe. Why? Probably because of nice mixture of Mediterranean and German/Hungarian cuisine with lots of fresh, home-made ingredients people can get around every corner. 

To be more specific, in Slovenia one can get very nice goulash or pasta or sea food as they are all considered typical. Maybe the most interesting part of Slovenian cuisine, though, is the fact that it is somewhat based in the idea of borrowing dishes from its neighbors, and then transforming it just a smidge by adding a few drops of Slovenian love. There is one thing that locals are definitely nuts about – prosciutto (air-cured ham, which is different from Italian prosciutto), as it would basically be a crime to have a celebration in Slovenia without it; potica (rolled cake with different fillings), which we eat at weddings and for Christmas; top quality sausages made by locals in the winter, including the famous Carniola sausage; and sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), which is so ridiculously popular that people wait in line every day to buy some from local producers at the central marketplace in Ljubljana. Slovenia has more pizzerias per capita than any other country in the world, but you may not find quite what you’d expect on your pizza. Have you ever had a pizza with frankfurter, horseradish, sour cream, and a fried egg in the middle? Probably not, unless you’ve had pizza in Slovenia! The Carniola sausage is something like a bratwurst one would find in Germany, but with its own unique texture and flavor. The sauerkraut is seasoned differently, as well, and the breading on a Wiener schnitzel is not quite that which you would have in Vienna. Oh, have you heard of Slovenia having the best female chef in the world? Give us a call and we will take you to her restaurant. 




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