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Food in Slovenia

Slovenia did some very big steps in culinary scene in recent years. From unknown destination that foodies would not consider worth visiting, Slovenia placed itself on a culinary map of Europe. In 2017 the most known Slovenian chef was recognized as the best WORLD  female chef. Slovenia will be helding a title as European gastronomic region in 2021. We got JRE, Gault&Millau and this year even Michelin star ratings that we are very proud of. Slovenian wines have been ranked at Decanter competition in London at the highest level and most importantly, in Slovenia you will eat and drink (very) well.

What is a tyipical Slovenian dish? Many of them. “Štruklji” (rolled dough filled with 80 different fillings, known all around Slovenia as a festive dish), “žganci” (buckweat porridge most commonly served with cracklings or sour milk), “bujta repa” (thick stew made of turnip, different type of meat and potatoe/beans), “idrijski žlikrofi” (stuffed hand-made pasta filled with mashed potatoe, herbs and crackling lard), “prekmurska gibanica” (festive cake put in different layers and made of apples, poppy seeds, cottage cheese and walnuts) and much more.




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