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Hi, I am Eva! I am the owner and product manager at Exclura Travel. I have been working in tourism since 2007 because it is the best job for me. I love it and do it with passion every single time I am with my lovely guests. Apart from being a tour guide, I am also a big fan and promotor of healthy, seasonal, fresh, home-made food I like to buy at local farmers and I like to make a sip of local wines in a good company of wine producers.

In my mission I tracked down a number of local producers that respect tradition, animal life, and the enviornment – and usually tend to have wonderful, rich stories to tell! Exclura tours will take you to these lesser-known places off the map, where you will not only indulge on local delicacies and find yourself blessed with heavenly wine, but also learn about all the steps in the process of producing these delicious treats.

I truly believe that the future of tourism will refocus itself from sightseeing-only, to including getting involved in the enviornment and getting to know the locals. And I believe that an authentic local experience is especially the future of tourism in Slovenia, where you can still find 500-year old traditions and ideas that are still being passed on from father to son, generation to generation. I guarantee you that what we create for you will be a lifetime experience. I am waiting for your call!

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